Canados WAS

Each construction is a challenge gladly accepted, An opportunity to express our art in a situation where perfection is only deemed acceptable.

Our historical shipyard is in Rome, just 7km from the international airport of Fiumicino. Canados was founded in 1946, on an ex-hydroplane base. The Italian Navy, coastguard, and Italian harbor masters commissioned the first vessels built by Canados. At the time, the master carpenters who founded the cooperative that would soon become Canados (a contraction of Cantieri Navali di Ostia) quickly achieved a revered reputation worldwide.
In 1953, while attending the launching of eight fast interceptor patrol boats, the representative of a royal family of a Gulf emirate fell in love with the mastery of Canados’ carpenters. His immediate reaction was to enquire if the yard would be able to build a yacht for His Highness. This was a challenge gladly accepted, an opportunity to express their art in a situation where only perfection would be deemed acceptable. Since then, more than 800 Canados yachts have been delivered.In the nearly eight decades since delivering its first yacht, Canados has continuously strived to remain at the cutting edge of yacht building technologies, techniques, and production processes.

CANADOS Pioneers Modern Technologies and materials while honoring Timeless Craftsmanship.

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