This is surely the most advanced and unique fast expedition yacht ever. The aft-deck is simply gigantic offering more surface than any 60-meter yacht. The tender garage aft is convertible into a Beach-Club. Equipped with a sun-awning system that utilizes removable carbon-fiber poles and tensioners that can be installed in minutes, the entire aft deck offers shaded respite from the sun when required. The interior configuration can be customized but is suggested in a 5-cabin layout with then entire top deck devoted to the master suite with 360-degree panoramic views and two private terraces. Designed to afford breathtaking ocean panoramas from wherever you are onboard, the Oceanic 120’ breathes fresh life into your yachting experience whichever layout you choose. Passenger can access the bow via very well protected sideways or from the pantry while the crew will use the wheelhouse pantographic door. The foredeck dinette also converts in a sun bathing area. Each Oceanic yacht is truly unique. Being entirely bespoke, the interior design will be created, by world famous Venice based Cristiano Gatto Design Studio; a service included in our «specification», or by a designer of the owner’s choosing. Thus, each Oceanic reflects the aspirations of its owners. Down to the smallest detail, each interior is customized especially for your yacht. You choose the wood species, mood board and styling. The passion we pour into the technical excellence of every Oceanic produced can
only be achieved through the implementation of traditional craftsmanship. The Displanning Hull architecture of the Oceanic is a unique fixture. The hull has been designed with two steps and underwater exhausts generating a significant reduction of the buoyancy at displacement speed eliminating the symptomatic pitching movement of all planning hulls. When on plane, the effect of the steps conjugated to the underwater exhausts create an air cushion reducing frictions and increasing top speeds. The reduction of operational, maintenance and running costs remains a principal of primary importance with an Oceanic Yacht, while the desire to maintain rapid acceleration and fast speeds remain a priority. This apparently conflicting mandate has led to the solution of building our yachts in advanced composite materials. The method of construction and technology employed is admittedly more expensive than aluminum or steel, but this is far outweighed by its lightweight properties, resistance, and durability. Composite eliminates 100% of the corrosion issues and reduces by 80% electrolysis related problems, all while offering impact resistance two to three times greater than that of steel and aluminum. While hull and deck are made of GRP, the entire superstructure is made of lightweight Kevlar/Armat which allows lowering the center of gravity. The incredibly versatile Oceanic 120’ is available in multiple different interior layout versions. The 120’ Oceanic is available in different power packages allowing speeds from 20 to 26 knots.