In 1953, while attending the launch of eight fast interceptor patrol boats, the representative of a royal family of a Gulf emirate fell in love with the mastery of Canados’ carpenters. His immediate reaction was to enquire if the yard would be able to build a yacht for His Highness. For the master carpenters, this was a challenge gladly accepted, an opportunity to express their art where only perfection would be deemed acceptable. It is in the early 60’s that the cooperative was transformed into a corporation under the impulsion of its new owner, the late Aldo “Buby”Guerritore. Mr Guerritore is by all means considered the father of the modern Canados. He remained at the helm of the shipyard until 1994 and was called back in 1998 after the company got sold. He finaly retired in 2000.Since then, more than 700 Canados yachts have been delivered around the world to customers of all nationalities. The future Canados’ site in the 1920’s when it was used as Rome’s National Hydroplane base. The proximity of the site to the openwater allows Canados to conduct constant testings. One of the numerous Navy ships produced by Canados in its early days. This particular vessel was one of a series of eight of which seven are still being used today. In the six decades since delivering its first yacht, Canados has continuously strived to remain at the cutting-edge of yacht building technologies, techniques and production processes. This has led us to become recognized as the masters of composite construction and today,

we continue to forge forward through employing vacuum infusion, Nomex, Kevlar and many materials used by leading companies in the aerospace sector. While employing processes still considered futuristic by some shipyards, Canados has always remained faithful to the values and secular knowledge jealously protected by craftsmen throughout our heritage. Even today, the skills and principles continue to be passed down from father-to-son with several generations working alongside each other at Canados. Beauty is a result of that which lies within, and through our close personal relationships the translation of the character of our exceptional clients into the interior design of their yachts is something we pride ourselves upon. The result is created through teamwork between the client, our management team and collaboration with owner’s appointed designer. Amongst those we work with are the most revered names in yacht design: Paszkowski, Salvagni, Gatto,Reverberi, Casali… Thus, each Canados reflects the distinctive aspirations of its owners. Each element is carefully designed and carefully selected or created bespoke by our artisans, from furniture to the smallest detail, every aspect is handcrafted for your boat. Our experienced designers will introduce you to, and guide your through, a wide variety of styles, materials, fixtures and fittings. You will choose everything from wood to the finest leathers, from handblown glass to galley appliances.