When time comes to look for your new yacht, you will surely be puzzled by the array of existing offers on the market. You will find builders offering futuristic designs, space age technologies or low prices, but unfortunately these criterias are never found all together in one package. What we offer at Canados is somehow a simple formlula ; pure luxury, timeless designs, proven technologies and one thing no other shipyard offers in our segment : full customization. All our made in-house interiors are recognized the best in the industry.

Each yacht that has been produced, is produced and will be produced at Canados is different from the one before and the one after. Each client regularly comes to our shipyard to discuss the customization of his interiors, layout and finishes. No wonder why Canados customers remains Canados customers for decades. No wonder why we are building new Canados for the sons of former Canados owners. Our yachts are unique, and such are our clients. If you expect more than a yacht, you must expect a Canados.