Cannes to St-Tropez, 24 nautical miles, in 33 minutes in a meter swell. St Tropez to Porto Cervo, 186 nautical miles, in 4h25mn. Miami Beach to Bimini, 44 nautical miles, in 1 hour. Dubai Marina to Abu Dhabi’s corniche, 59 nautical miles, in 1h 20 mn. These are promises a 901 Gladiator delivers in one of its twin 2,600 HP version with Arneson Surface Drive. With 44 knots cruising speed and a top speed flirting 50 knots, the 901 will take you any place in record time and astonishing comfort. The Gladiator’s hull design is directly inspired from offshore powerboat racing. A though test ground where boats must keep performing safely in rough water conditions. Unlike any other yachts in the category, the 901 Gladiator not only delivers amazing speeds, she can sustain fast pace in formed seas! And for the most speed addicted, the triple engine version offers a mind-boggling top end speed in excess of 60 knots. But like all the Canados productions, the 901 Gladiator has been engineered with versatility in mind. Thus, we also offer a more reasonable version powered by twin 1,900 HP engine coupled to V-Drives offering a 27 knots cruising speed and a 32 knots top speed. Designed from scratch to achieve exceptional performances, the Gladiator 901 hull was engineered for surface drives. Unlike most “pretending” fast yachts, she is not an existing boat that has been adapted to surface drive systems to achieve better performances. While making a yacht slower is an easy tasks, making a regular yacht a fast one is never crowned by technical success. The result is just astonishing. The infusion techniques used for the lamination gives the boat the stiffness needed for high speeds. With her power package, twin MTU 16V 2000M 96L delivering 2,600 hp each, the Gladiator will cruise up to 44 knots and tops over 49. This is not what we promise, but what we deliver! But even more impressive is the unique flexibility she offers. You can run the boat on plane at 16 knots or cruise at a 20 knots economical speed, keeping the boat perfectly balanced and horizontal. In its triple engine configuration, you will be able to cruise at 50! From the aft deck, with its oversized sun pad covering the tender and jet-ski garage, family and friends will enjoy the ride protected by the superstructure. When at anchor, you will do lunch or dinner outside protected by the integrated electric awning. The 901 Gladiator is not everyone’s yacht. She offers the best of both worlds. She delivers unlimited amounts of adrenaline when running at 50 knots leaving behind all the others. But she also offers the comfort and lifestyle of a super-yacht. You will find in every single amenity this constant consciousness that every detail should be perfect.
You will be able to choose the essence of woods, unlimited choice of marble layers glued to lightweight honeycomb panels, flooring, fabrics, light fixtures or furniture design. Passing the wide opening door to the main saloon, which floor can be either teak, bamboo, carpet or your choice of wood, takes you to a very different atmosphere. The new enlarged side windows allow for a 360˚ view. Further to the front, the dining area and main helm station will benefit from the sliding rooftop. The two electric side doors will allow guests to access the foredeck even underway, in all safety. To the front are the usual sun cushions and an exceptional dining/lounge area for 8 people that you can use, protected by awnings, during the day or at night. With her new oversized windows you will never lose contact with the sea and the exterior. Once at anchor, with the saloon door open to the inviting cockpit you will literally shut the AC off to enjoy a warm summer breeze. The purity of her design is an eye catcher in any marina you are visiting. Canados’ reputation for handmade superior custom interiors is also part of the 90’ Gladiator package. High-tech construction technologies combining glued laminated glass and vacuum infused composites are unique offerings of our 901. We offer, you decide! This resumes our production philosophy. Our standard specification is generous enough to allow you for changes. Thus, you can request for any hull or deck color, request different materials, color scheme, fabrics, wood essences and even interior layout modifications as long as the strength and integrity of the Gladiator would not be questioned. We are partner with several famous luxury brands which products are parts of the package such as Boffi for the galley, Rubelli for some fabrics, Olivari, Dominique Kieffer, Jacob Jensen, Linn Systems… All our suppliers are first class companies and we know you will find your pick in their offering. Inside the beast, on the lower deck, you feel true luxury and comfort to their outmost expressions. Volumes are impressive for a yacht that looks like a blade from the outside. In addition to the centrally located full beam master suite, the VIP suite is located to the bow while the two twin guest cabins, each equipped with skylights, are located in each side of the central corridor. In total, four cabins with 4 en-suite bathrooms give the Gladiator 901 the cruising capacity of the true super-yacht. As well, for those requiring the highest level of service onboard, the standard three cabin layout of the crew quarters can be equipped with a 4th berth. Fine leather, bamboo flooring, carpet, light fixtures, the choice of the atmosphere of your interior is just limitless.