Canados build gladiators are not only the result of intimate interaction with customers, it is the result of a constant monitoring of the newest available technologies adapted to market’s wishes for rock solid boats, unseen before reliability and unparalleled luxury. There is no secret as why we produce the world’s most beautiful and durable boats, it is just part of our DNA. We never forget that more than buying a boat, you are buying an experience. Our production processes solely involve advanced composite construction ensuring exacting consistency. No concession has ever been made, nor will ever be made, in the quality of our production. While lots of boat builders are claiming speeds, the questions you need to find the answers to are, in what sea conditions, for how long and will it do the speed in all safety and comfort? Ask us for a sea trial in truly rough swell and we will be happy to prove we do­­. Not only our hull design is unique with the deepest Vee in the category; the entire construction is exceptional and build to last forever. ­­ Hull is painted with two coats of Awlgrip® painting where others use gelcoat that doesn’t offer the same aging, limited color choice and poor effect. The built-in Fuel tank is structural and made of infused monolithic fiberglass. With the Gladiator 431 Walk-Around, you don’t need to wonder about forecast change…she will take you and your family home in comfort and safety, no matter the swell or the wind. The gladiator 431 Walk- Around combines a sexy sporty line with unseen before cockpit and foredeck layout. The sheer sides of the bull were studied from bow to stern to make sure the Gladiator offers the driest ride ever, even with side winds and serious waves. The aft deck is equipped with a garage, sun pad and dining table for eight while the foredeck is equipped with an oversized sun pad and three side-by-side ergonomic loungers. And for those wondering why we did not design the Gladiator 431 with a vertical bow, the answer is simple. The vertical bow is simply not compatible with a dry ride. The gladiator 431 walk-around is available in various engine configurations. With twin Volvo Diesel D6 @ 440 hp, she offers the best of both world, true speed and fuel economy. She is capable of an all-day cruising speed of 32/33 knots and will top at 41 knots. As stability is an important factor we consider part of the performances, the engineering of the Gladiator calls for a low center of gravity. Thus, the 1050-liter fuel tank is structural and located in a position where, full or empty, it doesn’t change the longitudinal balance of the boat. The exceptional handling and soft ride of the Gladiator 431 will allow guests to keep enjoying the ride in the foredeck chaises-longues even at high speed.The package comes standard with the
Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control enabling the unique set of optional features, such as Joystick Docking, Dynamic Positioning System while the Garmin Glass Cockpit is delivered standard on the Gladiator. The Glass Cockpit System collects and displays all operator information in one place via a single interface: the multi-function, touchscreen displays. Integrated with the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control system, the Glass Cockpit System provides a full overview and control of navigation and engine data, together with options such as Autopilot and Joystick Driving. The displays come in a 17’’ size, with fully customizable display layouts. The Gladiator 431 Walk-Around can also be ordered with gas engines as well as outboard engines. The structural swimming platform is a direct extension to the stepless cockpit. The access to the cockpit is made via two lateral passageways. The central dining table will seat 8 people protected by the hard top and the back rest of the aft sofa can swing forward to extend the dimension of the sun pad. The central island is equipped with two side furniture in which the exterior kitchen is concealed. You will enjoy the standard heavy-duty rubber fender that runs all around the swimming platform and facilitates boarding without any risk of damaging the painting when touching the dock. Passed the sliding aluminum cabin door, you will discover volumes you were not expecting. It starts with the headroom, well in excess of 2-meter, and with the surprising natural light flowing from the long side windows that run all the way to the front. The second impression will be the delicate scent of luxury, a mixture between the smell of the wood and the standard premium quality Poltrona Frau leather. To starboard is a long curved top furniture that can be optionally turned into a galley offering plenty of storage, while to port is a full bath with its generous shower cabin with seating. The fore section of the central volume comes with an island bed that gives you the feeling of a much larger boat. The cabin is enhanced by a generous love seat and high wardrobe. As an option, the Gladiator 431 Walk-Around can be equipped with a second cabin with a queen size berth. At canados, the choice is yours. Inside or outside, our standard choices of colors and materials are impressive and you can even go for full personalization. You want your boat painted the exact same color as your new car, you got it! We also offer multiple color combination for the synthetic teak decking. All the Gladiator hulls are Awlgrip pastel painted as standard dotation and you can chose within 20 different colors. Naturally, we can also offer metallic painting. The interior wood choices are also unlimited just like the lacquered wood panels.

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